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HF Directly to Rectangle, Square Tube Line


    Square & Rectangle pipe mill is the special equipment to produce square and rectangle steel pipe. This equipment adopts the multipoint bending combined-type forming technology. One set of mould can produce all size of square and rectangle pipe. Compared with the traditional technology, the produce will have a good appearance, a good angle; share one set of mould, can cut down the cost of the machine, shorten the time of adjusting the mould; decrease the forming resistance, lighten the mould wear, reduce the load of power utilization.

Process Flow:

Raw Material (Strip Coil) ---- Decoiler ---- Snubber Roller + Pinch Roll + Leveler ---- Shear & Butt Welder ---- Horizontal Accumulator ---- Forming (directly forming to square to rectangle shape) ---- HF Welding ---- Scraping ---- Cooling ---- Sizing ---- Straightening ---- Cutting ---- Run-out

Technical Parameter:

Model Raw material:бb≤580Mpa, бs≤350Mpa
low carbon steel and alloy steel≤X80
Forming Speed
  Specifications of Square& Rec. Pipe Specifications of Round Pipe  
  Diameter range(mm) Thickness range(mm) Diameter range(mm) Thickness range(mm)  
RT100×5 40×40~100×100 2.0~5.0 Ф50~Ф140 2.0~5.0 10~60
RT160×6 60×60~160×160 2.0~6.0 Ф60~Ф165 2.0~6.0 10~50
RT200×8 80×80~200×200 3.0~8.0 Ф108~Ф219 3.0~8.0 10~35
RT250×10 100×100~250×250 3.0~10.0 Ф114~Ф273 3.0~10.0 10~35
RT300×12.7 150×150~300×300 4.0~12.7 Ф165~Ф377 4.0~12.7 6~30
RT400×16 200×200~400×400 6.0~16.0 Ф219~Ф508 6.0~16.0 6~20
RT500×18 300×300~500×500 8.0~18.0 Ф325~Ф610 8.0~18.0 6~20
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