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CR (Cold Rolled Steel) Cutting to Length


    This Metal Coil Cut to Length Machine is used for processing the steel coil into the desired length steel sheet and stacking them in order through decoiling, leveling, measuring and shearing.

    Cut-to-length, also know as a blanking line or CTL, mainly composed of the decoiler, pinch roll and leveler, length controller, shearer and stacker etc., accompany of the feeder, side guider, conveyor etc.

    We can Supply RTQC High Speed Metal Coil Cut to Length Machine with the max. speed is 80m/min. And we can supply the low speed 24m/min one for 0.3-3.0mm thickness.

Solenoid Valve AirTAC
DC Speed Adjust System: EUROTHERM
PLC Siemens
Operator's Screen Weinview
Servo-motors Lenze
Main Electric Elements Siemens

Process Flow:

Machine Configuration:

No. Item Qty
1 Coil Saddle 2 Pcs
2 Coil Lifter 1 Set
3 Hydraulic Decoiler 1 Set
4 Snubber Roller 1 Set
5 Pinch Roll & Leveler 1 Set
6 Loop Bridge NO.1 1 Set
7 Side Guide Roller 1 Set
8 Pinch Roll+ Precision Leveler 1 Set
9 Shear 1 Set
10 Conveyor 1 Set
11 Pneumatic Stacker 1 Set
12 X-Lifting Platform 1 Set
13 Unload Cart 2 Sets
14 Hydraulic + Pneumatic System 1 Set
15 Electric System 1 Set

Technical Parameter:

Material CR, Galvanized, Color Coated Steel
Thickness Range 0.2-2mm
Width Range 600-1250mm
Coil Weight 10T
Coil I.D. 508mm
Cutting Length 500-4000mm
Working Speed 0~80m/min
Machine Total Power 140kW
Machine Space 28×8.5m

Photos for Reference:

  • Hydraulic Decoiler
  • Pinch Roll + Leveler
  • Loop Bridge
  • Side Guide + NC Precision Leveling and Measuring
  • Conveyor + Lifting Platform
  • Stacker and Unload Car
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