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Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine

  • We can also offer the FINISHED PRODUCTS for kinds of special profiles according to customers’ drawings, such as:

1. fireproof and heat insulation door and window partition

2. fireproof curtain wall according to customers’ drawings

3. Photovoltaic Solar support

YX Series Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
Name: Cable Tray Roll Forming Machine
Model: YX Series
We can also supply the customized machines.

  • Features:

Cable tray roll forming machine may produce the cable tray, the different sizes through the replace punching moulds to complete. Forming machine is combined and adjustable, one set of combined rollers complete all cable tray products, the change size through adjust distance of rollers to complete.

  • Process Flow:

Uncoiler --- Flattening --- Feeding & Punching --- Roll Forming --- Cutting --- Exit Rack

  • Machine Configurations:

1. Uncoiler

2. Flattening Device

3. Servo Feeding

4. Punching

5. Punching Dies

6. Guiding

7. Roll Forming Machine

8. Hydraulic Cutting

9. Exit Rack

  • Profile Drawings for Reference:
  • Profile Drawing
  • Profile Drawing
  • Photos for Reference:
    1. Roll Forming Machine
      Roll Forming Machine
    2. Sample 1
      Sample 1
    3. Sample 2
      Sample 2
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