High Way Guard Rail Machine

High Way Guard Rail Machine

  • We can also offer the FINISHED PRODUCTS for kinds of special profiles according to customers’ drawings, such as:

1. fireproof and heat insulation door and window partition

2. fireproof curtain wall according to customers’ drawings

3. Photovoltaic Solar support

YX Series High Way Guard Rail Machine
Name: High Way Guard Rail Machine
Model: YX Series
We can also supply the customized machines.

  • Features:

High way guard rail machine adopts new station to increase the firmness. Machine adopts gearbox transmission, so the working will be more stable.
1. One machine can produce three waves profile and two waves' profile.
2. When change profile only need to change the last three stations.
3. For easy to change roller and not need to adjust roller. We will design the two waves roller adopt single shaft with rollers---it means when change three waves profile to two waves profile, just take off the last three stations with shaft, and install the other shaft which with 2 waves profile roller.

  • Applications:

The finished products are widely used in variety of guard rail, fence and other livestock farms.

  • Process Flow:

Uncoiler ---- Feeding --- Leveling --- Punching 1 --- Punching 2 --- Roll Forming --- Cutting --- Run Out Table

  • Machine Configurations:

1. Uncoiler

2. Feeding Device

3. Leveling Device

4. Hydraulic Punching Device

5. Roll Forming Machine

6. Post Cutting Device

7. PLC Control System

8. Run Out Table

  • Option:
  • 5T Uncoiler with Coil Car
  • Profile Drawings for Reference:
  • Profile Drawing
  • Photos for Reference:
    1. Uncoiler
    2. Punching Device
      Punching Device
    3. Roll Forming Machine 1
      Roll Forming Machine 1
    1. Roll Forming Machine 2
      Roll Forming Machine 2
    2. Roll Forming Machine 3
      Roll Forming Machine 3
    3. Cutting Device
      Cutting Device
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