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Decorative Wallboard Production Line

Decorative Wallboard Production Line

  • We can also offer the FINISHED PRODUCTS for kinds of special profiles according to customers’ drawings, such as:

1. fireproof and heat insulation door and window partition

2. fireproof curtain wall according to customers’ drawings

3. Photovoltaic Solar support

  • Profile drawing:
  • Profile drawing
  • Process flow:

Hydraulic Decoiler – Embossing Machine – Leveling Machine -- Flanging Forming Machine – Drying System -- Aluminum Film Decoiler – PU Foaming Machine – Laminating Machine – Flying Cutting Machine – Output Table

  • Process flow
  • Details of each composition:
3 ton Hydraulic Decoiler with coil car
  • 3 ton Hydraulic Decoiler with coil car
Embossing Machine
  • Embossing Machine
Flanging Forming Machine
  • Flanging Forming Machine
Aluminum Film Decoiler
  • Aluminum Film Decoiler
PU Pressure Foaming Machine
  • PU Pressure Foaming Machine
Laminating Machine
    A. Belt type laminating machine

    Advantage: It can produce the Wallboard without embossing
    Disadvantage: The belt will be heat expansion and extension because it always used on the temperature of 50° C -60° C, so the workers should check and adjust belt tightening wheel regularly.

  • Laminating Machine
  • Laminating Machine
    B. Aluminum chain plate type laminating machine

    Advantage: Long-time use in the temperature of 50 ° C -60 ° C, no deformation and extension, stable and reliable performance.
    Disadvantage: It can’t produce the Wallboard without embossing

  • Laminating Machine
  • Laminating Machine
Laminating Machine
  • Laminating Machine
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