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RT50Q,60Q,76Q High Speed Steel Pipe Mill


    It is mostly for making large quantities low yield strength galvanized steel tubes.

    RT50Q,60Q,76Q High Speed Steel Pipe Mill is a series of machines that builds longitudinal weld seam pipe with steel strips of certain width. It starts by uncoil and flatten the slit steel coils into steel strips. The flattened steel strips will be inserted into the forming machine and the rollers in the machine will bend the strip to a round pipe shape. The round pipe will then be sent into the weld box where the tube is welded by a high frequency or solid state welder. The welded pipe will be formed to expected shape (round/ square/ rectangle etc) or size in a sizing machine. Finally the pipe will be cut to length and bundled.


1. Water pipe 2. Heating pipe
3. Low-pressure process pipeline 4. Low pressure fire fighting pipeline
5. Sewage Pipes 6. Steel Scaffolding Pipe
7. Wire and cable protection pipe 8. Structural support Steel Pipe
9. Industrial Steel Pipes 10. Decoration Pipe
11. Oil & Gas Pipes

Process Flow:

Slit Coil ---- Un-Coiler ---- Shearing And Butt Welder ---- Storage / Accumulator ---- Forming ---- Welding ---- Cooling ---- Sizing ---- Cutting Saw ---- Run Out Table ---- Finishing ---- Pipe Collecting and Packaging

Technical Parameter:

Model RT50Q RT50 to 76Q RT60Q RT60 to 76Q RT76Q
Diameter of Welded Tubes (mm) 19-63.5 19-76 19-63.5 19-76 25-90
Size of Square Tube (Max.) (mm) 50×50 60×60 50×50 60×60 70×70
Size of Rectangle Tube (Max.) (mm) 40×60 40×80 40×60 40×80 60×80
Wall Thickness of Round Tube (mm) 0.7-2.5 0.7-2.5 0.8-3.0 1.0-3.0 1.0-4.0
Wall Thickness of Square & Rectangle Tube (mm) 0.7-2.0 0.7-2.0 0.8-2.5 0.8-2.5 1.0-3.2
Speed of Tube Welding (m/min) 30-130 30-130 30-120 30-120 30-100
Power of Major Motor (kW) 220 220 250 250 160x2
High Frequency Power (kW) 200 200 300 300 400
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