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HR (Hot Rolled Steel) Metal Coil Slitter


    HR (Hot Rolled Steel) metal coil slitter is adaptable to process hot-rolled carbon steel coils. And it is widely applies to many industries like automobiles, containers, household appliances, food packing, construction material etc.

    This line consists of coil lifter, decoiler, slitter, scrap recoiler, damping device, recoiler etc, accompany of feeder, loop bridge, pinch etc.

Process Flow:

Technical Parameter:

MaterialHot rolled steel coil
Thickness1-4mm; 1.5-5mm; 2-6mm; 2-8mm; 2-10mm; 3-12mm; 4-16mm; 6-20mm
Width1600 / 1850/ 2000/ 2200 / 2500mm
Weight20 / 25 / 30 / 35 T

Photos for Reference:

  • Decoiler
  • Shear
  • Loop Bridge
  • Side Guide
  • Slitting Machine
  • Damping Unit
  • Recoiler
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