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Cassette Type High Speed Rollformer


    RT70-320-921 deck/roof panel NC high speed (40m/min, includes cutting) rollformer---Cassette type, multiple profiles can be produced through quick change cassette. PLC central control whole line includes loading, uncoiler, pre-cutter, roll forming, servo flying cutter, stacker, discharging. HMI operates, the whole line just needs one operator, many groups date can be set by one time, automatic producing, allocated with remote control, safety light curtain etc whole security systems, which is approved by CE.


This kind of machine used in simple house, steel plants and other wall board production. The metal deck end product widely used in floor flat, after make embossing of the steel it will increase the strength between the steel and concrete, thereby increasing the floor of the fastness.

Process Flow:

Un-Coiler ---- Guiding ---- Pre-cutting ---- Roll Forming ---- Flying Cutting ---- Conveyor ---- Stacker

Profile Drawings for Reference:

Photos for Reference:

  • Stacking part
  • Quick change part
  • Sample
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