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High Speed Slitting Line


    High speed slitting line is adaptable to process cold-rolled and galvanized coils, silicon steel coil, stainless coils, pre-painted coils, aluminum coils, and all sorts of plate and coated coils. And it is widely applies to many industries like automobiles, containers, household appliances, food packing, construction material etc.

    This line consists of coil lifter, decoiler, slitter, scrap recoiler, damping device, recoiler etc, accompany of feeder, loop bridge, pinch etc.

    It has advantage such as proper layout, easy operation, highly automated and high production efficiency.

    Complete two slitting machines is optional. When one slitting machine is working, the other one can change blade spacer and sleeve or maintenance and repair, it can improve working efficiency, increase production and decrease cost.

Process Flow:

Uncoiler --- Feeding --- Straightening --- Pre-punching --- Roll Forming --- Cutting --- Exit Rack

Machine Configuration:

1Storage Platform1 pcs
2Coil Lifter1 set
3Hydraulic Cantilever decoiler1 set
4Snubber Roller1 set
5Pinch roll & leveler1 set
6Shearing machine1 set
7Loop bridge NO.11 set
8Side Guide Roller1 set
9Slitting Machine1 set
10 Pressing Device for Tail Tension Plate1 set
11 Scrap Recoiler1 set
12 Loop bridge NO.21 set
13 Separating Device1 set
14 Damping Device1 set
15 Pressing Device1 set
16 Recoiler1 set
17 Hydraulic Support Arm1 set
18 Unload Cart1 set
19 Hydraulic + Pneumatic System1 set
20 Electric System1 set

Photos for Reference:

  • Decoiler
  • Pinch Roll + Pre-leveler
  • Shear
  • Loop Bridge
  • Side Guide
  • Slitting Machine
  • Scrap Recoiler
  • Damping Unit
  • Recoiler
  • Unload Cart
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