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High Speed Cutting CTL


    This Rotary Flying Shear Cut to Length equipment is used for processing the cold rolled steel coils for decoiling, leveling, measuring & cutting, then, stacking the steel sheets, packing & stowing.

    Decoiler: Shrink and expend depended on the hydraulic tank, use the hydraulic motor to make the decoiler work.

    Leveler: Adopt different ways of roll; the clearance can adjust both outer and inner. There is angle become bigger from the inner to the outer, it can level irregular radian better.

    Loop Bridge: It is used for better working for side guide device and also removes the running speed difference.

    Shear: The cutting is finished by the rotary flying shear. Adopt the pneumatic system, high-speed cut, clearance adjustable.

    Stacker: It works with 2 sets of stackers with continuous working & convenient changing.

Process Flow:

When start the work of cut-to-length line, the roll sheet will be placed on the coil unloading car and transfer it to the decoiler, before that it must confirm the roll and the decoiler have same direction. The coil unloading car is fixed on the foundation between the storage table and the decoiler, transfer the coil to the right position and height, and make sure the coil inner fix to the decoiler in the middle position, then the coil unloading car and return. after the decoiler expansion created .turn on the outside decoiler and expend inner side, use the upper roll to fix the sheet head, then cut the packed belt, lift the feeding device peeler to support the sheet head, jog the decoiler and release roll, shrink the peeler leading the sheet in to the pinch roll and down the pinch roll. Make the sheet go in the leveler, the sheets after leveling will be measured & then be cut by the rotary flying shear synchronized. The finished products will be conveyed into the stacker. According to the request for stacking, they can be stacked by 1# or 2# stacker in order. At the end, the sheets can be taken out for packing or transferring.

The Max. Speed for the whole line is about 70m/min.

The cutting is finished by the rotary flying shear.

It works with 2 sets of stackers with continuous working & convenient changing.

Technical Parameter:

Model 1250 1600 1850
Processing Material Cold-rolled Steel Coil, Galvanized Coil, Color-coated Coil, Stainless Steel Coil, etc.
Processing Sheet Thickness 0.3mm-2.3mm 0.5mm-3.0mm 0.5mm-3.0mm
Processing Sheet Width 1250mm (MAX) 1600mm (MAX) 1850mm (MAX)
Coil Weight Permitted 15ton (MAX) 20ton (MAX) 20ton (MAX)
Cutting Accuracy Cutting ±0.3mm; Acc/decelerate ±0.5mm
Line Speed 90m/min-120m/min

Photos for Reference:

  • Material Putting Platform
  • Decoiler
  • Pinch Roll + Pre-leveler
  • 6-HI Leveler
  • Second Levler
  • SLoop Bridge
  • Precision Leveler
  • Flying Shear
  • Conveyor
  • Stacker
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