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Portable Standing Seam Profile Roll Formers


    This auto tapered and straight seam profile roll formers is used to form the pre-painted sheet/GI/GA and aluminum material to be the standing seam.

    Standing Seam Profile Roll Formers is composed of the hydraulic un-coiler, polythene film-on device, motorized lateral shearing device, longitudinal slitting device, central rib forming unit, taper roll forming machine, hydraulic cutting machine (for straight profile), PLC control system, product rack, auto taper curving machine, etc.


The finished products are used as the roof and walls of gymnasiums, airports, theatres, factories, warehouses, garages, exhibition centers etc.

Process Flow:

Uncoiler --- Film --- Shearing --- Slitting Device --- Rib Forming --- Roll Forming --- Cutting --- Exit Rack --- Seaming

Profile Drawings for Reference:

Photos for Reference:

  • 1. Roll Forming
  • 2. Auto Taper Curving Machine
  • 3. Auto Taper Curving Machine
  • 4. Sample 1
  • 5. Sample 2
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